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Welcome to Cefe Flynn Online Audio Mastering. I’m here to help you all the way to a successful career in music. From transforming your mix into a release ready track to offering guides & tips on how to release, market and promote your music.

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  • Clear, loud and punchy sound! Thanks!

    Nikita Dakhnov
  • what can say cefe is da man! for all your sound needs super efficient and super quality sounds 🙂

    Hilton Denis
  • Highly recommend Cefe for anyone looking to get their tracks finalized and prepared for distribution. His customer service is top-notch! Found myself truly satisfied and appreciative of just how helpful he was.

    Sam McConnell
  • I went to Cefe Flynn with a single track after a bad experience with a recording studio. Cefe guided me through the options and we recreated the song, replacing some instrument parts as we went along. The standout feature of Cefe's service is his incredible ability to interpret client aspirations. The quality of the finished work is amazing.

    Julie Carter
  • positive review 

    I've just mastered a song with him and I do recommend it! He was reliable and he answered all my questions, showed me different options, gave me some insights on my mixing, etc.

    Alexandre Figueiredo
  • positive review 

    So glad I found Cefe for my music...he makes it come alive. He'll work with me to achieve the sound I had in mind and what it may need to really shine in that huge sea of songs out there.

    Bob Cunningham


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Alt Rock
Ava Luna
Tech House
Soft Rock
Family Band
Helado Negro
Luca Nobile
Alt Rock
Dove & the Wolf

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My focus is on what is most important for both of us, your music career. Mastering is the last step in the production side of things but a great song and a great master alone will not get you too far. I have been an audio engineer for many years and seen over and over again that once the song is finished and ready for release most artists just haven’t thought about the next steps and don’t know what to do with their songs.

I’m here to help you not only to finish your songs and get them release ready but also to provide with guides and tips on this beautiful but complicated journey of releasing music to the public.

Personal and fully focus attention to your music

Unlike automated mastering engines, I'll be fully dedicated working on your tracks

Mix Feedback & re-mix protection

If there's anything that might impact the final master - I'll provide you with feedback. Need to remix a song to fix a problem? I’ll happily master your track again.

unlimited revisions

Each track includes unlimited revisions so we can work together to help you create the sound you’re looking for.

how to guides & tips on releasing your music

Access free how-to guides & tips on how to release, market and promote your music. I'm here to help you all the way to a successful career in music.

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