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My name is Cefe Flynn, I’m a mastering engineer offering online mastering services from my purpose built mastering studio in Sydney, Australia.

You’ve already put a lot of work and heart in your music, I’m here to help you with that extra little push to cross the final line to get your music ready to be released out to the world.

For this, I work with an assortment of some of the finest analog and digital equipment; however, gear alone can’t deliver a great sounding master. I pride myself on having a clear and straight forward communication making sure to achieve 100% the final sound customers were looking for. See what other artists have to say here.

If you’ve never worked with me before, you might be wondering, what can this guy do for my music? Fair enough, for this reason, I offer a free mastering sample to all new potential customers. Request your sample and hear the difference my mastering can make on your final mix. 

Questions? Get in touch hereand I’ll come back to you shortly. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.



happy clients.

See What Other Artists Have To Say

  • Chris Andrade AvatarChris Andrade

    I recently worked with Cefe in my album and I'm really happy with the results and the experience overall.Attention to detail, great communication, and most importantly he cared about the final result of my music.He kindly gave me some useful tips & advice about the mixing and things that can be improved. Very patient as he gives you the chance to correct and tweak whatever it's needed to get the best result for your music.I will totally recommend Cefe to anyone who wants to take his music to another level.5 Stars Service! Cefe es el mejor!

    Look Mum No Bands AvatarLook Mum No Bands

    Cefe knew exactly what my song needed and was able to describe that to me perfectly. I knew then exactly what he was going to do and how my song would turn out. It actually turned out better than expected. Interestingly, my recording was more live and minimal than most and he was able to appreciate what I was trying to achieve and enhance it. In my search for a mastering service I wasn't able to find this anywhere elseThanks heaps Cefe

    damien owens Avatardamien owens

    Not only did Cefe do an absolute fantastic job mastering my track but i also found him very professional to work with and would recommend him to anyone. Not only did he get it spot on 1st time he also managed to beat all the online mastering algorithms and my mix buss ( Ozone 9 ). i can't thank him enough for his work and input. I was glad to have had this experience!

    Slow Wave AvatarSlow Wave

    Cefe is a legend!He happily dedicated time and effort to make sure the project turned out great and was always patient and kind.He also deserves huge props for the FREE MASTERING SAMPLE service that he offers to his customers.Cefe Flynn Mastering deserves lots of attention and I would definitely recommend.Thanks again Cefe!

  • Sölvi Karlsson AvatarSölvi Karlsson

    Wonderful to work with Cefe! A quick time to return and always ready to listen to suggestions and work together on the final product. He took my indie/Alt-rock record and took it way beyond my expectations! 5-stars will definitely contact again!Thanks again Cefe!!

    Hedy Blaazer AvatarHedy Blaazer

    Cefe did a great job on my EP- super fast turnaround, professional service and genuinely seemed to care about the music. Also as an independent artist it really gives you peace of mind to have unlimited revisions!

    Alexandre Figueiredo AvatarAlexandre Figueiredo

    positive review  I've just mastered a song with him and I do recommend it! He was reliable and he answered all my questions, showed me different options, gave me some insights on my mixing, etc.

    Val Glauser AvatarVal Glauser

    Cefe is great to work with, patient and gives helpful advices about the mix . He will go the extra mile to get the best result for your music. Very reliable. Thank you Cefe!

  • mark stackpool Avatarmark stackpool

    Cefe did an amazing job getting The Stray Dogs to sound their absolute best. Cefe was efficient, helpful, knowledgeable, professional and good value for money.

    Dyson Eldh AvatarDyson Eldh

    awesome mastering! could not be happier! easy to contact and is working really fast! huge recommend for anybody struggling with mastering files! 🙂

    Wanice Alfes AvatarWanice Alfes

    Highly professional service. Perfect mastering, courtesy, and timely delivery. I will certainly keep the partnership for future projects!

    Jerry Brantner AvatarJerry Brantner

    First off, Cefe Flynn offers a FREE sample of your mastered track BEFORE committing. That to me, was '5-stars' right out of the gate as an artist. It made me feel confident enough that this was an actual human person vs. these online quick-mastering services that really haven't a clue to true post-production done in genuine form.Cefe was awesome to deal with on a personal level and made my track sound like a major production recording by polishing some of the vocal areas (not auto tune) and keeping the mix within the decibel proximity.I plan on using his services for all of my tracks moving forward! If you don't believe me, then request a SAMPLE of your mastered track from Cefe Flynn Mastering and you'll hear the difference!


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Nilla Green
Alt Rock
Caleb Owens
Deep House
Jazz Fusion
Hip Hop
Rosegang N Flamingo
Alt Rock
Ava Luna
Tech House

* Song snippets at 128k Mp3. All songs copyright their respective songwriter, producer, artist, or label.


What you’ll get when working together

Human mastering

Unlike automated mastering engines, I'm fully dedicated to your tracks. No algorithms or presets are used in my process.​

purpose built studio

Purpose-built mastering studio with an assortment of some of the finest analog and digital equipment.​

fast turnaround

48 hrs turnaround for singles. 3-5 days turnaround for EP/Albums.

free mix revisions

Need to remix a song to fix a problem? I’ll happily master your track again.

free pre master feedback

If there's anything that might impact the final master - I'll provide you with feedback before I master your tracks.​

guaranteed results

Unlimited revisions and 30 days money back guarantee.

mastering engineer.

A Little Bit About Myself And The Reason For This Page and blog

My name is Cefe Flynn, mastering engineer based in Sydney, Australia. Early on in my career as a recording and mixing engineer, I was amazed to see just how many artists skipped mastering simply because it was too expensive or too hard to find the right engineer. Yet mastering is so important. It’s the only way that your music will be able to stand out or even be accepted in the music industry.

Independent artists shouldn’t have to miss out on the benefits of professional mastering. That’s why I launched my online service, Cefe Flynn Mastering – to bring high-quality, professional and affordable mastering to all artists – no matter how big or small.

My focus is on what is most important for both of us, your music career. Mastering is the last step in the production side of things but a great song and a great master alone will not get you too far. I have been an audio engineer for many years and seen over and over again that once the song is finished and ready for release most artists just haven’t thought about the next steps and don’t know what to do with their songs.

I’m here to help you not only to finish your songs and get them release ready but also to provide with guides and tips on this beautiful but complicated journey of releasing music to the public.

Before you go for AI (artificial intelligence), algorithm based automated mastering like or the more expensive options, Sage AudioMercury MasteringStudios 301Abbey Road StudiosMasterDiskBernie GrundmanGateawaySterling and others.

I want to invite you to grab your free mastering sample and compare the results with any of these other services yourself. 


Frequently Asked Questions

There has never been an album worth mentioning that was not properly mastered by a professional engineer. Most artists understand the music-making process except for the final and most crucial step. Mastering isn’t just about making your song as loud as possible. It’s about balancing your track to translate better and provide a great listening experience to your audience. You can learn more about what is mastering and why is necessary at all here.

Searching for mastering engineers on Google is confusing right? From Grammy-award winners to automated mastering engines – so… How do you know who’s worth paying for? And how do you know who’s right for your music? The simplest and quickest way you’ll know is by previewing your mastered track. That’s why I offer a FREE mastering sample for all new clients.

By getting a 2 minute mastered sample of your song – you’ll be able to see how your mastered track sounds before you spend a cent and we’ll both know whether my mastering style is right for you. If you like what hear you will then have the option to buy your full-length master ready to compete with the current top charted songs in your genre.

Yes I do. If you are not happy with my work, you can contact me for free revisions within 30 days. I will do whatever it takes to meet your requirements during our revisions process. If after the revision process we decide that I am not the right person for your project, just contact me for a refund. My only requirement is that my mixes/masters are not released for sale or promotion and that refunds are requested within 30 days of receiving mixes or masters.

Short answer, please submit WAV file at project’s original sample rate (eg: 44.1khz) and 24bit.

For more in please see my guide on how to prepare your files for mastering here.