Attack on Anxiety

Attack on Anxiety - On my Mind - Cover artwork

“Music has always been especially important and still is. I consider music as my best friend. Been there for me all kind of emotions I’ve gone through over the years. I still keep updating my playlists for different situations of my life”

Underlined Passages

Underlined Passages - EP Cover

“The EP deals tangentially with losing relevance in middle age and learning how to accept the inevitability of slipping into a life of obscurity as we age.
The concepts of contemplating suicide while realizing the absurdity and selfishness of that act, accepting oneself as you are, and the surreal fragmentation of digital life that prevents genuine gratitude – are explored on this record.”

Breezy (the band)

Breezy - Pale Horse - Artwork Cover

“This song is like a tongue-in-cheek conversation between a Horseman of the Apocalypse with a modern-day Christain who’s so caught up in themselves they’ve become blind and apathetic towards the end of the world going on around them.”

Richard Madden

Richard Madden - Album Artwork Cover

“I love listening parties at the end of a session or project because it is really the first time you get to hear what your vision sounds like and you can finally switch off and take it at face value.​”

TOZ Antonio Piretti

TOZ Antonio Piretti - DAMMI UNA MANO - Artwork Cover

“I feel that music has strong power. It touches your heart and soul and goes right inside. I believe songs should also help people to live a better life and send out positive examples for a better world. I try to write songs with meanings and I hope they can be of help to other people as many songs were helping me or are part of my life.”

Hedy Blaazer

Hedy Blaazer - Photography by Matt Douglas

“I want to write music that makes people think. I often get the feedback that my lyrics are too sad but honestly I don’t want to write something for people to listen to to pass the time, I think that music should make you stop and think and even sometimes make you uncomfortable.”

The Chamberlains

Metropolis single Artwork

“The creative process for me is always anarchic – confused, messy and unpredictable. However, it’s that very chaos which is dear to me.”


“The whole message behind ‘May Have Strained’ is that although passion may have strained, don’t let it get in between the people that you truly care about.”

Matt Astles

Matt Astles - Same old things - Album Cover

“Pain, sorrow, heartache, depression, joy, happiness, hope, beauty, all these things are expressed through music, it touches us and reminds us that we are not alone. The music that I love is sacred to me in that sense.”


“The key idea behind my approach to making music is simple – I make music that I want to hear myself. Artists should be selfish, and please no one but themselves first.”