The Chamberlains

Metropolis single Artwork

“The creative process for me is always anarchic – confused, messy and unpredictable. However, it’s that very chaos which is dear to me.”


“The whole message behind ‘May Have Strained’ is that although passion may have strained, don’t let it get in between the people that you truly care about.”

Matt Astles

Matt Astles - Same old things - Album Cover

“Pain, sorrow, heartache, depression, joy, happiness, hope, beauty, all these things are expressed through music, it touches us and reminds us that we are not alone. The music that I love is sacred to me in that sense.”


“The key idea behind my approach to making music is simple – I make music that I want to hear myself. Artists should be selfish, and please no one but themselves first.”

JD Roberts

JD Roberts - Walking through the Night - Cover Artwork

“There’s a maxim in jazz, more honoured in the breach than the observance, that you should never play a note until you know what you’re going to play. One of my key ideals is minimalism – every note…

Songs for June

Songs for June - Cover art

“I’ve always been fond of songwriting when a song can be sung with just a voice and one instrument. These days I find less and less attractive songwriting, everything is drowned in a lot of studio production. That’s not what I really like.”