“The key idea behind my approach to making music is simple – I make music that I want to hear myself. Artists should be selfish, and please no one but themselves first.”

JD Roberts

JD Roberts - Walking through the Night - Cover Artwork

“There’s a maxim in jazz, more honoured in the breach than the observance, that you should never play a note until you know what you’re going to play. One of my key ideals is minimalism – every note, every phrase and every sound should add to the overall sound. Ambient music is a wonderful challenge because it’s emotion distilled. You have to put the most emotion into the fewest elements.”

Songs for June

Songs for June - Cover art

“I’ve always been fond of songwriting when a song can be sung with just a voice and one instrument. These days I find less and less attractive songwriting, everything is drowned in a lot of studio production. That’s not what I really like.”