Stem Mastering: Decision-Making Guide

Stem Mastering: Decision-Making Guide

Stem mastering has become an increasingly common alternative to stereo mastering, as more and more artists record their tracks at home. Though it has some benefits such as giving the artist more control, there are many circumstances where you might not actually need it. Read on to learn more about stem mastering and decide if […]

best mastering plugins

Best Mastering Plugins Cover

In practice, effective mastering is all about skill, experience, and of course – having the right tools at hand including mastering plugins. In this article, I’ll cover some of what I consider to be the best mastering plugins out there that I use everyday in my mastering sessions. I’ll be covering a mastering equalizer, compressor, […]

how to master a song

How to master a song. Man with cap sitting in front of speakers in a mastering room.

Song’s ready, final mixed approved and now comes the all-important step of getting the track mastered! To compete with the current commercial releases out there, mastering is an essential step. However, with the rise of online mastering services and plug-ins, you might be wondering the best way to go about it. In this article, I’ll […]

emastered vs landr: complete review including audio samples

So eMastered vs Landr – how do they compare? Emastered and Landr are two of the biggest algorithm-based online mastering services available today. These platforms use an algorithm to master tracks – meaning your music will typically not be heard by human ears – instead your track is run through some software that automatically makes adjustments to volume, […]

DDP master & player

DDP master image A DDP image is basically a digital image of a compact disc that contains all the audio, track IDs, CD-Text, and ISRC codes. DDP is not prone to errors that can occur with physical CDs (and CD-Rs) such as skips, scratches, and read/write errors. This is in part why it’s best to […]

what is mastering?

Mastering is the final stage of the recording process before your music is released. Mastering is the bridge between the studio and the listening room – the last round of tweaks before calling it done. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MASTERING & MIXING? Mixing is the process of manipulating the song on a track-by-track basis. […]

online mastering services: reviewing the top 11 services in 2021 (including audio samples)

Whether you’re new to recording or a seasoned veteran, it’s likely you’ve come across online mastering services such as Landr, Emastered, Bandlab, Cloudbounce and more. These platforms use an algorithm to master tracks – meaning your music will typically not be heard by human ears – instead, your track is run through some software that automatically makes adjustments to volume, compression and […]

here’s a quick way to know how much headroom to leave for mastering

First, what is headroom? When we talk about headroom, we’re not referring to a 1980s icon famous for his glitching and stuttering (that would be Max Headroom for the younger readers). Instead, we’re talking about the available volume space left between the highest peak of a sound wave and 0dB. This empty space provides room to adjust […]

mixing and mastering: a simple (but complete) guide

Without mixing and mastering your recordings, there’s really no way to get that pro audio sound that every artist wants and every listener expects. However, it’s not always clear which stage in music production has the biggest influence – or how to go about choosing the right mixing and mastering engineers for your work.  Understand mixing and […]

avoiding the loudness penalty: cheat sheet guide for pro musicians

Streaming has arguably become the most powerful way to reach new fans and generate revenue in the music business. Whether you’re a musician, a publisher or you represent a record label, you stand to benefit from streaming in a big way through services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and more. But […]