Stem Mastering: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide

Getting ready to master your music? Chances are you’ve heard of stem mastering. This alternative approach to stereo mastering has become increasingly common as more and more artists record their tracks in home studios with less than perfect room acoustics. So is it something you need for your next release? Read on to learn more […]

Should You Master for Different Digital Platforms? Read This to Decide.

Mastering your music can feel like a real victory, especially if you’re planning to put your music on streaming sites or make your music available for download. One of the biggest questions musicians face these days regarding mastering and streaming sites is whether creating different masters for different platforms makes sense. After all, different platforms […]

7 Ways To Ensure You Get the Most Out of Mastering

7 ways to ensure you get the most out of mastering

Mastering your music is the final technical step in audio production before releasing your creation to the world. A mastering engineer ensures that your mix is balanced for tone, consistent in dynamics, and adheres to loudness standards set by the recording industry. Even though your mastering engineer handles all of the heavy lifting to get […]

10 Tips and Techniques for Mastering Your Own Song

The mastering process is one of those mysterious dark arts of the music industry that often gets muddled somewhere between mixing and rendering. If you’re new to the world of recording, it should give you peace of mind to know that even experienced musicians and studio professionals sometimes still have a misunderstanding about what mastering […]

6 Must-Have Tools for Mastering Your Own Music

6 Must Have Tools for Mastering Your Music

Mastering your own music is a great way to craft the exact sound you’re looking for, and the best part is that you can take your time and experiment. While I encourage you to invest in professional mastering for tracks that will receive a wide release, there’s nothing wrong with giving it a go yourself. […]

Apple Digital Masters

Apple Digital Masters Certified Mastering Studio

What is Apple Digital Masters? Cefe Flynn Mastering is a Certified Apple Digital Masters Provider, but what does this mean?  Apple introduced Apple Digital Masters (known until August 2019 as Mastered for iTunes [MFiT]) in an effort to offer their customers the highest possible quality of audio through the iTunes music store and Apple Music. To this end, Apple introduced […]

How to Prepare Your Mix for Mastering

How to prepare your mix for mastering

Here are some basic pointers on how to prepare your mix for mastering as well as all you need to know about the files format available/required for distribution and the metadata options for your final files. Table of Contents Guidelines on how to prepare your mix for mastering Files Format Audio files can be submitted […]

Mastering for Vinyl: What You Need to Know

Mastering for Vinyl - What you need to know

Vinyl records have enjoyed a massive resurgence in popularity in the mid-2000s, and sales have shown no signs of slowing down. With more people wanting to hear their favourite bands on vinyl, more and more artists are releasing to cater for this and hence requesting mastering for vinyl. However, when releasing music on a physical […]

Stem Mastering: Decision-Making Guide

Stem Mastering: Decision-Making Guide

Stem mastering has become an increasingly common alternative to stereo mastering, as more and more artists record their tracks at home. Though it has some benefits such as giving the artist more control, there are many circumstances where you might not actually need it. Read on to learn more about stem mastering and decide if it’s right […]

Best Mastering Plugins

Best Mastering Plugins Cover

In practice, effective mastering is all about skill, experience, and of course – having the right tools at hand including mastering plugins. In this article, I’ll cover some of what I consider to be the best mastering plugins out there that I use everyday in my mastering sessions. I’ll be covering a mastering equalizer, compressor, metering, limiter, […]