DDP Master & Player

DDP Master & Player

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    DDP master image

    A DDP image is basically a digital image of a compact disc that contains all the audio, track IDs, CD-Text, and ISRC codes.

    DDP is not prone to errors that can occur with physical CDs (and CD-Rs) such as skips, scratches, and read/write errors. This is in part why it’s best to use a DDP image for your CD production master rather than a physical CD-R.

    It is not recommended to submit individual WAV files for CD production. This can lead to problems with song sequencing, incorrect CD-Text, lack of CD-Text, and in some cases the audio itself can be altered if files are handled improperly.

    DDP player & how to listen your ddp master

    The masters in DDP format requires special embedded DDP Player to open and listen to it. Once you receive your DDP image, you will be able to easily listen and test your DDP master yourself with the complimentary HOFA DDP Player that will be delivered together with your DDP master. Follow these simple steps to open & listen your DDP file.

    * If you are using the latest version of MacOS, you may also need to drag the “HOFA_DDP_PLAYER_INFO” file found in the Player folder into the player due to Apple’s latest security measures. The HOFA DDP Player all will guide you if needed.