Mastering Engineer

Meet Cefe Flynn, mastering engineer based in Sydney, Australia.
Cefe Flynn Mastering Engineer outside the studio

For the past 20 years, I’ve been immersed in the world of music in one way or another, starting with my early days making loud music in a small rehearsal room in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Back then, I never imagined that I would end up pursuing a career in audio engineering. But as time went on and I moved to Dublin, Ireland, and whilst I continued my musical journey playing in bands, I found myself drawn more and more to the art of recording and mixing.

This led me to enrol in a Recording and Music Technology degree at the renowned Windmill Lane Studios and went on to work as a tracking and mixing engineer for a decade before focusing on mastering.

Whilst I don’t play, record or mix music anymore, those formative years as an active musician, recording and mixing engineer helped inform and shape the mastering engineer I am today.

I believe that mastering is an essential part of the creative process and as a former recording and mixing engineer, I bring a unique perspective to my craft. I have a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of mixing and can easily detect any underlying issues that may impact the final result. But just as importantly, I also understand the creative side of the process and strive to find the perfect balance between technical perfection and artistic expression.

My job is to enhance the artist’s vision, not imposing my own. I put the artist first in everything I do. I believe in honest and transparent communication throughout the mastering process, and I empower artists by giving them control over the final result.

I’ve seen firsthand how many artists miss out on the benefits of professional mastering simply because they find it too expensive or too difficult to find the right engineer. Some mastering studios ignore the artist’s notes and provide poor results with little to no communication, leaving artists feeling powerless and insignificant. That’s not how it should be!

If you’re looking for a mastering engineer who will work with you every step of the way, and who will listen to your vision and help bring it to life, then look no further. I’m here to help you make your music the best it can be. Let’s make sure your last step before your music is available everywhere is flawless.

If you haven’t worked with me in the past, then I’d like to invite you to grab your free test master and listen to what professional mastering can do for your music.