Mastering Studio

Any mastering studio is only as good as the engineer, and there’s no substitute for experience, attention to detail, and professional integrity. However, I understand that the equipment I use can be of interest and helps get a picture in your mind of the studio.

Mastering Studio Desk front
Mastering Studio Desk left
Cefe Flynn Mastering Equipment
Mastering Studio Desk Gyraft g22
Mastering Studio Desk Neve gear
Apple certified mastering studio

The Room

Room Frequency Response – REW Measurement taken January 2021.

There’s no black magic or dark art in mastering. Instead, the monitoring environment of a mastering room is what sets this profession apart from other audio specialties.

I work in a flat sounding room (+/- 1 dB frequency deviation across the frequency spectrum), and listen on a full-range ultra-accurate monitoring system. This allows me to hear details in your tracks with clarity, making it easy to make decisions and find the perfect settings for your music and to guarantee that your masters will translate and be consistent across all playback systems.

Studio Monitoring System

The mastering studio monitoring system is designed to provide ultra transparency and reveal the recordings most intricate nuances, enabling me to consistently produce and deliver quality masters, free of errors and oversights.




Audeze – LCD-X

AD/DA Conversion

Merging Technologies – Anubis

Audio Metering

TC Electronic – Clarity M

SPL Metering

Studio Six Digital – SPL

Analog Mastering Tools

The mastering studio analog chain is intended to be minimalistic and purpose-driven to provide efficiency and precision during the mastering session. I have at my disposal a delicate selection of various analogue outboard equipment ensuring maximum flexibility and power to add clarity, impact, energy, and detail to your recordings.

Baxandall EQ

TK Audio – TK-lizer 2

Tube EQ

Gyraf Audio – G14s

Passive Stereo EQ

High Voltage Audio – EQ 6s

Vari Mu Compressor

Gyraf Audio – G22

EQ & Compressor

Rupert Neve Designs MBP

Master Buss Processor

Solid State Logic – Fusion

Harmonic Generator

Overstayer – MAS 8101

Analog Tape Simulator

Handsome Audio – Zulu

Digital Mastering Tools

The analogue outboard is complemented with DAWs and the best-in-class digital tools that enable processing not possible in the analogue world. My aim is always to seize the significant advantages of the analog world combined with the best of the digital world.