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first time client

Free test masters are to see if the mastering studio is a good fit for your project hence available for first time clients only


Submit your audio track

Submit one track in WAV 24-bit format. I'll then professionally master your song using top-tier analog and digital gear.



A test master is a full master of your song, no corner cuts! However, it will be provided with an audio watermark for your evaluation.


release-ready Master

If you're happy with the test master, normal rates apply ($55 per song) to receive the complete song without watermark.


  • Submit WAV files only (24-bit if available). Do Not submit Mp3 files for mastering.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 3 GB.
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    Mastering before & after samples

    Indie The Parasols
    Rock Gold Flag
    Alternative Caleb Owens
    Folk/Rock Hedy


    Frequently asked questions

    Online mastering services such as;;; and more use an algorithm to master tracks – meaning your music will typically not be heard by human ears – instead, your track is run through some software that automatically makes adjustments to volume, compression and EQ based on a formula the algorithm applies.

    Algorithm-based mastering can come in handy when you want to get a glimpse at your track's potential or when you want to check a mix against standardized processing. You may have a quick demo mix that you think sounds good, and perhaps you want to add some overall compression and limiting to get that “radio sound” through a volume boost.

    However, these mastering services do tend to work by applying a rubber stamp to each track because no one is actually listening. When you try my mastering studio, you are partnering with a professional mastering engineer and will receive the personal attention your music deserves, as well as the experience and specialized equipment that come along with a mastering engineer’s touch. 

    Additionally, a mastering engineer will be far more likely to offer the ability to make changes to a master after the first pass, giving you more freedom in getting the sound you’re after. You can read more about algorithm-based online mastering services here. 

    If you’re unsure, you’re more than welcome to request a free mastering sample, and compare the services yourself.

    Short answer, please submit WAV file at project’s original sample rate (e.g., 44.1khz) and 24bit.

    For more information, please see my guide on how to prepare your files for mastering here.

    Depending on the complexity, mastering projects turnaround time is generally 48 hrs for singles and 3 to 7 days for EP/Albums after project confirmation. If you are working to a deadline and need a faster turnaround time, please let me know when booking your project.

    I work independently to keep overheads down compared to larger mastering studios which tend to be more expensive, such as Studios 301, Abbey Road Studios, MasterDisk, Bernie Grundman, Gateaway, Sterling and others.


    My online mastering rates typically start at $55 USD per track for stereo mastering. I also offer a discount for multiple tracks. Go to the mastering rates calculator to get an instant quote.

    Payments are due after mastered tracks have been approved and before the release of all final deliverables.


    Accepted payment methods are Paypal and Credit Card.

    If you are not happy with my work, you can contact me for free revisions within 30 days. I will do whatever it takes to meet your requirements during our revisions process. 


    If we decide that I am not the right person for your project after the revision process, contact me for a refund. My only requirement is that my mixes/masters are not released for sale or promotion and that refunds are requested within 30 days of receiving mixes or masters.

    Mastering is the finalization process where everything gets baked together. This is where the mix is perfected, and the track as a whole is worked on to give it shine, sparkle, volume, depth, punch and loudness.


    During the mastering process, as an audio engineer, I will typically utilize different tools like compression, stereo width tools, limiters, maximizers, EQ, automation and more to ensure that the final master achieves the right levels to meet industry standards and the proper tone for your style of music.


    You can learn more about what is mastering and why it is necessary at all here.

    If you plan to release your music to the public, the benefits that come along with a professionally mastered track can be immense. 


    Today’s listeners have become accustomed to a certain sound in modern recorded music. Without mastering, you’re going to have a hard time convincing people that you’re a serious artist if your own tracks don’t measure up. Even the best songs can fall flat without mastering, so this part of the process is integral in representing your music how it was meant to be heard.

    My first goal in mastering is to make something sound great and not exceed its loudness potential. Its loudness potential is the point above which the sound gets worse, anything louder is by definition a compromise.


    I aim to get a sound for the master that the artist and/or label are happy with in terms of their vision for the track, and that is technically correct, and this can sometimes be an iterative process.

    All deliverable files will be prepared as per your project-specific requirements. Standard delivery files included in all projects are:


    • 16-24bit/44.1k WAV file - CD and most online distributors (Spotify, TIDAL, etc).
    • High-quality MP3 320kbps for easy online distribution/download. ​ ​

    The mastering studio has top tier digital and analog gear in an acoustically optimised room. Visit my mastering studio page to read more about the specific gear I use. 

    I’m Cefe Flynn, a professional mastering engineer based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been involved in music-making in one way or another for the last 20 years and have been offering audio mastering services online for several years now. Read my bio to learn more.  

    Yes I regularly master albums and EPs online, and offer discounts for mastering multiple tracks. Go to the mastering rates calculator to get an instant quote.

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