Attack on Anxiety

Attack on Anxiety - On my Mind - Cover artwork

“Music has always been especially important and still is. I consider music as my best friend. Been there for me all kind of emotions I’ve gone through over the years. I still keep updating my playlists for different situations of my life”

Underlined Passages

Underlined Passages - EP Cover

“The EP deals tangentially with losing relevance in middle age and learning how to accept the inevitability of slipping into a life of obscurity as we age.
The concepts of contemplating suicide while realizing the absurdity and selfishness of that act, accepting oneself as you are, and the surreal fragmentation of digital life that prevents genuine gratitude – are explored on this record.”

The Chamberlains

Metropolis single Artwork

“The creative process for me is always anarchic – confused, messy and unpredictable. However, it’s that very chaos which is dear to me.”


“The whole message behind ‘May Have Strained’ is that although passion may have strained, don’t let it get in between the people that you truly care about.”