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Taylor Nodell - Once he did though - Album Cover
Artist Interviews

Taylor Nodell

“Making music is fun and rewarding, but finishing a song is like pulling teeth. Releasing an album is like getting your dental degree.​”

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Hedy Blaazer - Photography by Matt Douglas
Alt. Folk

Hedy Blaazer

“I want to write music that makes people think. I often get the feedback that my lyrics are too sad but honestly I don’t want to write something for people to listen to to pass the time, I think that music should make you stop and think and even sometimes make you uncomfortable.”

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Songs for June - Cover art

Songs for June

“I’ve always been fond of songwriting when a song can be sung with just a voice and one instrument. These days I find less and less attractive songwriting, everything is drowned in a lot of studio production. That’s not what I really like.”

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